About Us

Covance is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive drug development services companies with more than 11,000 employees in 60 countries. Through its nonclinical, clinical and commercialization services, Covance has helped pharmaceutical and biotech companies develop one-third of all prescription medicines in the market today.
Drug development is a complex activity that requires a broad array of medical and laboratory expertise, including toxicology, preclinical evaluation, clinical trial design and implementation. Today's drug development process has evolved through decades of scientific, technological and regulatory changes — all aimed at improving the safety and efficacy of new drugs before they come to market.

Through strategic outsourcing with Covance, biopharmaceutical companies can access additional therapeutic and regulatory expertise, extensive nonclinical and clinical drug development experience, and state-of-the-art technology — without adding the associated fixed costs to their R&D overhead.
With expertise and experience in every phase of drug development and the ability to conduct clinical trials around the world, Covance truly is an industry leader.

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