Exxonmobil Chemical


ExxonMobil is the world's largest private oil and petrochemicals organisation. Their flagship refinery and petrochemical complex at Fawley is the largest and most technically complex refining and petrochemicals facility in the UK. The refinery and chemical plants at Fawley are highly integrated. During the refining process, the catalytic cracker performs the important function of upgrading heavy low-value refinery streams into light chemical feedstock streams such as propylenes and butenes. These are fed to the adjacent chemical plants that convert them into high-value, high purity chemical products.

Fawley is also home to ExxonMobil's European Regional Engineering Office, EMEEL, which delivers in-depth technical consulting, support and leadership to operating plants and £multi-million projects across Europe and the Middle East.

In addition ExxonMobil have an ethylene plant in Fife, FEP, which is one of Europe's largest and most modern ethylene plants. It was specifically designed to use natural gas liquids (NGL) from the North Sea as feedstock. Around 50 per cent of the ethylene produced is distributed via the UK ethylene pipeline network. The balance is pumped to Braefoot Bay Marine Terminal on the Firth of Forth where it is stored as a liquid at 103 degrees C and shipped to Antwerp.

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