Matchtech supports footholds wellbeing hub

In March of 2021, Matchtech, along with our parent company Gattaca worked in collaboration with our charity partner Foothold to launch a new Wellbeing hub in response to a significant increase in engineers and technologists seeking mental health support services, including help for anxiety, depression, and other mental health difficulties.

Six months later, in September, we were pleased to report that in the short time since it launched, Foothold reported over 500 people had accessed support. In 2022, the hub is still active with more users accessing resources week-on-week. 

The Covid-19 pandemic created a public mental health crisis, leaving gaps in the service provision to be filled by the charity sector. In response to the growing need for support, the engineering charity launched the online platform - funded in part by Matchtech and the Gattaca group's fundraising efforts - giving users free, on-demand access to clinically approved resources and techniques to support their mental wellbeing. At Matchtech, in line with our wider company purpose, it is abundantly important to provide our communities with the support and resources they need to take control of their wellbeing. 

The Gattaca group's chief Customer Officer, Matthew Wragg, commented on the continuing success of the launch:

"We consider it a fantastic achievement to have been able to support over 500 people since the launch of the Wellbeing hub. The people we've helped are our candidates, our clients. They are our community, and this work has made a material impact on their lives. So, I thank and applaud the combined efforts of the teams across Gattaca and Foothold, who have provided a safe space and a body of excellent resource for those in need - particularly in these unprecedented times.”

The hub features clinically verified e-learning sessions on topics such as anxiety, depression, work stress, substance abuse and others. It also offers support on pandemic-related challenges like redundancy and isolation.

Foothold’s chief executive officer, Jane Petit, said:

“We launched the Wellbeing Hub in March following a three-fold increase in requests for our support since the start of the pandemic. Addressing and improving mental wellbeing is particularly important because our state of mind impacts our ability to handle pressure in other areas of life. We’re proud to be able to support the engineering community in this way and pleased the hub has been able to support over 500 people.”

In October of 2021, we observed World Mental Health Day. To mark this day and in celebration of the 500+ people who have accessed support via the Wellbeing hub, teams from across Matchtech and the wider Gattaca group took part in a variety of fundraising activities. In total, their combined efforts raised £1,398. This sum will help not only those who have already accessed the Foothold mental health support resources but all those who will go on to be helped by this crucial platform. As we enter the new year, our partnership with Foothold continues, along with our commitment to support the wellbeing hub. You can find details of our fundraising efforts here.

As we continue to feel the aftershocks of the past eighteen months, the Foothold Wellbeing hub remains an invaluable resource. The platform is free to use for all engineers, technologists and their families worldwide. Find out more at

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