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Matchtech Wins Bid for Midlands Highway Alliance Plus (MHA+) Professional Services Partnership Framework 4 (PSP4)

Matchtech has been selected as one of the successful suppliers for the Midlands Highway Alliance Plus (MHA+) Professional Services Partnership Framework 4 (PSP4). 
After a rigorous development and procurement process, MHA+ is proud to announce the suppliers for this new framework, which is set to be in place for up to 8 years and estimated to be worth approximately £960 million over the contract period.
The framework consists of two Lots. Matchtech, has been chosen as one of the successful suppliers for Lot 2, which focuses on Temporary and Seconded Professional Staff. We are thrilled to be part of this esteemed group, alongside Waterman Aspen.
This framework represents the fourth generation of MHA+'s professional services framework and will be available from 28 August 2023. The official launch is scheduled to take place at the Midlands Highway Alliance Plus (MHA+) annual event on 20 September 2023.
At Matchtech, we are dedicated to providing exceptional value and sharing best practices through collaborative working. We are excited to contribute to the future needs of the 31 local highway authority members already utilising the PSP3 framework, as well as framework suppliers. Our focus will be on performance management, supplier selection options, and workload share to ensure optimal outcomes for all stakeholders.
The PSP4 Procurement Working Group, consisting of volunteers from seven member authorities, worked diligently throughout the procurement process. They were supported by Leicestershire County Council's procurement team, the MHA+ team, and the MHA+ Programme Board. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to everyone involved for their tireless efforts.
Pat Clarke, Chair of the PSP4 Procurement Working Group, Leicestershire County Council, expressed his excitement about the framework's development and procurement. He emphasised the team effort behind it and the commitment to providing value and flexibility to meet the future challenges faced by local highway authorities. He eagerly anticipates building and strengthening relationships with the successful suppliers, drawing upon their innovative ideas to further enhance this industry-leading framework.

“I am delighted that Matchtech have been successful and go forward into the new PSP4 framework in a much stronger position. As the bid coming top on price, there is plenty of opportunity to build on the relationships and high performance already established through collaborative working in the provision of temporary professional staff on PSP3.
I look forward to continuing to work closely with Sam White, Mike Carter and the Delivery Team to make PSP4 a framework that provides our members with excellent service and value.”
We look forward to collaborating with MHA+ and other partners to deliver outstanding services and contribute to the success of this framework.