Over 50 positions filled in 4 working days to support the ‘Ventilator Challenge’

Matchtech uses its capability to rapidly support the testing of ventilators for the NHS, as part of the ‘Ventilator Challenge’

In May 2020, we partnered with a long established medical device company based in the UK, to rapidly find over 50 workers to test thousands of new emergency ventilators. These ventilators were required to be tested to ensure they were ready for distribution by the end of June to NHS hospitals that required them, to help critically ill patients suffering from COVID-19.

Using our campaign delivery service, our specialist consultants were able to source and place all 56 test technician positions in just 4 working days. 

We're pleased that we can continue to support clients requiring key workers during these challenging times.

If you rapidly need resource to respond to coronavirus or market demand, click here to get in touch to talk to us about our recruitment campaign services.

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