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It's safe to say that the last few months have been a challenging time for all. For the rail sector, the pandemic has had a big impact on major projects, as well as day to day running of trains throughout the UK. Not only has this effected commuters and travellers alike, but also employment within the sector.

Kenny Burton, Rail Director for Resourcing Solutions & Matchtech talks us through the recent challenges faced by the Rail industry and explains how the sector is getting back on track in his industry update.

Watch the video to find out more, or read some of the highlights below. 


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The state of the UK rail industry prior to the coronavirus pandemic

“Prior to Coronavirus in the UK, there was much optimism around the rail industry moving into year two of the CP6 cycle, with major funding being targeted towards upgrading track, signalling, embankment stations and depots all over the UK and the employment opportunities that would bring to the UK market.”

The COVID-19 challenge

“When Boris Johnson announced on 23 March that the UK would be moving into lockdown, a lot of that work was temporarily put on hold, with projects having to re-evaluate how works could be completed whilst respecting social distancing and remaining safe within the parameters of a live rail environment.”

“Our rail infrastructure has had to go on and overcome challenges to keep our networks open to transporting the amazing NHS staff and the other critical workers to and from their daily work places.”

Green shoots beginning to appear

“…much optimism was brought when the notice to proceed was formally given to HS2. The knock on effect for this is starting to see green shoots appear, not only from our rail businesses but the wider infrastructure service offerings within the Gattaca group in technology, design and construction.”

How the rail industry is adapting to the new normal

“Work banks are starting to see incremental increases week on week, with new restrictions in place ensuring everyone up holds the CP009 standards. I have personally been working closely with Network Rail to ensure safety remains paramount throughout.”

“I've been proud of the way the rail industry has come together and work collectively and collaboratively to overcome these unique challenges. Being involved in various team calls with our competitors to share best practice, has really shone through the importance of working closer in the future to maximise safety and opportunity for everyone.”

When will things be close to normal again?

“It will still be another three to six months before we see the rail network return back to normal, with London in particular facing unique challenges around getting to and from work, but I'm confident nonetheless that as an industry we will get there.”

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