Why hundreds of linemen jobs are opening up in the USA

The U.S. and global news channels have recently been accosted by the storms raging in the Gulf and Caribbean regions. From Hurricane Harvey attacking the South of Texas, Jose swooping down on Mexico, then Irma and Maria hurtling through the Caribbean it’s been a tough storm season. As a result the electricity supply in major cities and islands has been affected and, in some instances, cut altogether. That’s where Foremen and their Linemen crews come in; deployed for disaster recovery to bring the power lines back to life.

Right now there are hundreds of jobs in the U.S. for experienced lineman. Aside from the impact of the recent storms and resulting disaster recoveries, there are three main factors powering the surge in demand: investment in infrastructure, the rise in renewables and an insatiable need for increased power capacity.

Cash for construction

Donald Trump’s recent plans to invest $1 trillion into the infrastructure and construction industries has been very much welcomed. The planned investment seems top of the President’s to-do list at the moment, with the positive side effects of encouraging economic growth and creating new jobs. Foreman and linemen are imperative to these construction efforts.

Rise in renewables

Wind farms and solar panels provide a great, renewable energy source but they rely on huge transmission lines to connect the generation sites to useable networks. This isn’t so much a problem in the present development phase but as these generation sites grow, new transmission lines will need to be constructed therefore creating a demand for the crews.

Growing population

On top of that, networks are reaching their maximum power capacity and the population is continuing to grow, which is creating a shortage of usable power per individual. Without adequate power supplies, the days will be gone where you can be watching the football on TV, whilst texting your friends and downloading a movie for later. Foremen and Linemen crews will be essential to these necessary network upgrades.


Who should apply?

If you have previous experience with energized or de-energized distribution lines you could be very much in demand. The market is rife with positions for linemen who can work on either overhead or underground distribution lines.

Skills required include being able to operate a bucket truck and the ability to troubleshoot primary and secondary systems. You will also need to have the ability to string overhead wires and install transformers, switches and switchgear.

You will need a Commercial Drivers’ license, safety or OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) training or certification and should be physically fit.

If you’re looking for your next foreman or lineman job, view our U.S. vacancies here.

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