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Is Contracting Right For You- The Pros & Cons You Need To Consider

Umbrella providers for UK contractors

Umbrella providers engage contractors under an overarching contract of employment. Workers provided through an umbrella company are employed on a permanent basis by that umbrella company.

Gattaca has chosen to endorse an Approved Supplier List (ASL). The Group does not specifically promote the benefits of operating through an umbrella company or encourage contractors to operate via any provider on the ASL however, all providers have undergone significant due diligence and share the Group’s focus on compliance and quality of service.

This list is regularly updated and incorporates changes that are effective from October 2022.

The Group has chosen to adopt a ASL to mitigate risk to us, clients, and contractors regarding the following:

  • Tax - all payments made to the workers have the relevant employment taxes deducted at source.
  • Cash - if non-compliant businesses go bankrupt contractors may not be paid or may be liable for a large tax bill long after the completion of work.
  • Compliance - with less reputable or overseas operators, there is more susceptibility to issues such as MSC Debt transfer.
  • AWR - transparent processes are needed and closer relationships can be built when dealing with only a small number of providers; and
  • Pensions – auto-enrolment obligations require the employer to make employee contributions.


To see a full list of the umbrellas offering please click below.

 View full list of umbrella companies

CIS Sole trader where applicable (Construction Industry Scheme):

To see a full list of the CIS Umbrella offering please click below.

 View full list of the CIS Umbrella offering


Matchtech has a supplier list in place for the umbrella companies we engage. However, please note that we do not endorse the benefits of operating through an umbrella company or encourage contractors to work via any one particular provider on the list. It is entirely your decision on whether you wish to work PAYE, via an umbrella company on our list or through your own limited company, and if you are unsure on any point we would encourage you to seek independent advice.

We have compiled our supplier list based on umbrella companies which meet the same high professional standards as our own and have passed our due diligence process. All umbrella companies are registered members of either the FCSA ( and/or APSCo ( Please note that FCSA and APSCo are not part of Matchtech and as such Matchtech does not accept or assume responsibility for any claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, losses, loss of profit, costs, expenses or any other consequences, whether direct or indirect, arising from reliance upon any services provided by either entity.

Compliance requirements in this area are very complex and best practice is constantly changing. You should therefore be aware that our compliance checking is not intended to be a comprehensive audit on which you or any third parties should rely on. Our compliance checking does not replace the need for you to carry out your own checks using professional advisors and we will not be liable for any losses, costs, claims, expenses, penalties or other liabilities incurred as a result of you selecting a particular umbrella company on our supplier list to work through.

Please note that the supplier list contains the names of the only umbrella companies we will engage with on the basis of the compliance checks carried out above and we cannot engage with any other umbrella companies as it is not possible, within any reasonable fee, to conduct comprehensive compliance audits of other umbrella companies not on the supplier list. The supplier list is not permanent and we reserve the right to amend the list from time to time. If any umbrella company on our supplier list fails to satisfy our compliance checking procedures at any time we may ask you to provide your services through an alternative provider.

This list only contains the names of umbrella companies on our supplier list; if you choose to use the services of any other third party (such as a composite company supplier or managed services company or any other legal or tax structure) to establish a company through which you provide your services, any information supplied by Matchtech about such third parties is provided on an impartial basis. Matchtech cannot give any guarantee concerning the quality of the advice and/or documentation provided by such third parties and it is your responsibility to ensure that any company established complies with all current relevant legislation. Matchtech will not be liable for any losses, costs, claims, expenses, penalties or other liabilities incurred by that company, including those which arise as a result of your use of the services of such third parties.

If you wish to discuss the options available to you, please contact your Matchtech consultant directly.