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Matchtech is conducting an in-depth piece of research on how people within engineering feel about the industry based on important topics such as career progression, pay and skill shortages. The survey responses we receive will then be used to inform an insightful report which will be shared with media and key decision makers within the industry.

This report will represent a snapshot in time of how engineers in 2016 feel about the industry and will provide comprehensive data for years to come.

Thousands of engineers contributed to our research in 2014, providing a subjective viewpoint of the UK engineering industry and job prospects and expectations within it. More than half (56%) of engineers questioned said they were confident the UK would continue to be a leader within global engineering, with two fifths (40%) of the engineers questioned believing the engineering sector had a better reputation and was held in higher esteem in the UK than it was in the previous year. We’re interested to know if these opinions still stand and how different factors have influenced confidence within the industry over time.

If you want to voice your opinion on the issues that affect your day-to-day work and career path, take our Engineering: Voice of the Workforce survey.

The survey closes on Monday 14 November 2016.

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