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A decade long project to build a secondary road bridge across the River Forth concluded on 28 August 2017 and one week later, the Queensferry Crossing officially opened for traffic.

The structure stands 689 feet above the River Forth and is made of 35,000 tons of steel, 150,000 tons of concrete and 23,000 miles of steel cabling. These impressive figures make the Queensferry Crossing the longest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge in the world and the tallest bridge in the UK.

Although the existing Forth Road Bridge already connects those travelling between Lothian and Fife, its steel cables are corroding and difficult to replace. Designers of the Queensferry Crossing combatted this issue by making changes to the cable supporting the bridge; each steel cable can be replaced at any time without closing the bridge. In addition to the replaceable steel cables the design also features new sensor technology which spots potential structural issues before they become a problem. The project’s technical director Dr. Mike Glover believes it could give the bridge a lifespan of up to 150 years.

Joe Wilson, Department Manager, Highways and Transportation – Matchtech, comments on this impressive feat of engineering:

“We supported the recruitment of a number of design site representatives and inspectors for this project and have been keenly following its progress over the past 10 years, including visiting the site in 2016. The fact that it took over 10 million man hours over a whole decade to complete it shows how momentous this scheme will be and it was great to have Queen Elizabeth there this week to open the bridge.”

“As the UK’s tallest bridge, the engineering professionals involved can be proud they have contributed to a history-making project. And there are plenty more opportunities for Bridge Engineers across the country, with projects like the Mersey Gateway still looking for additional resources.”
You can read more on this story by viewing the full article on the CNN website.

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