Why is Canada calling for more maritime engineers?

It’s Canada day today, a day for celebrating the union of three colonies to become a single country. The union came as a result of the enactment of the Constitution Act of 1867 – formally known as the British North America Act. Throughout today, communities across Canada will be hosting celebrations for this momentous day, including outdoor public events, carnivals, festivals and air and maritime shows. But this is not all there is to celebrate if you’re a marine engineer.

Engineering opportunities in Canada are rife; the construction of naval vessels for the Canadian government, including six arctic offshore and 15 surface combatants, has created a demand for engineers, production staff and senior leadership positions. As Canada has not built ships on this scale for two decades, the country has a lack of candidates with proven shipbuilding experience in Canada. As with many other skill short engineering sectors, the Canadian maritime industry also faces the challenge posed by an ageing workforce.

To meet the demand for experienced engineers, Canada has had to extend its search internationally. Employers in Canada are trying to build a legacy within country by bringing in experience from all over the world. Our clients are therefore welcoming applications from international candidates and are offering full relocation support for successful candidates and their families, including visas. These international hires will complement and add to the existing talent pool of engineers in Canada, allowing the younger Canadian engineers to gain invaluable experience working with skilled engineers from other countries.

Employers are looking for skills from initial design to construction and delivery, which includes the need for engineers, production staff and senior leadership positions throughout each stage. Degree qualified engineers and candidates with a proven track record in the construction of new build naval vessels are also in high demand.

Matchtech sources candidates from all over the world and has placed over 20 different nationality candidates into Canada to date, including those from the USA, Australia, the Philippines and many countries in Europe. One Shipbuilding Planner from England would recommend taking the opportunity to work in Canada, saying: “If you haven’t visited or worked in Canada before, it is a friendly, multi-national country with a big soft spot for the English accent. My colleagues out here have been very friendly and helpful and I know that they are appreciative of internationals moving here and helping them rebuild their shipbuilding industry.”

If you’re a maritime professional interested in working in Canada, you also have a reason to celebrate today.

If you’d like to see our current vacancies in Canada, simply visit our jobs pages and search ‘Canada’ or email Louise Lees.

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