“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is a phrase often heard in discussions about job hunting. Clearly, your skills, qualifications and experience are three of the most important criteria for obtaining a job but having contacts in the right places could also prove valuable, not only in your job search but throughout your career.

Networking could help you hear about opportunities that you might not have heard about otherwise. Maintaining relationships that you’ve built with colleagues and other people in your profession could also win you a recommendation for a role in the future.

Networking in person

Before you attend a networking event, think about what kind of questions and conversation starters you might use. You might also want to plan what to wear to ensure you dress appropriately for the occasion.

Whilst you’re at the event, consider how your body language might influence people’s perception of you. Try and maintain good eye contact and speak with confidence.

If appropriate, swap business cards or contact details with fellow attendees so that you can keep in touch. Follow up with these contacts after the event to stay informed of industry news and opportunities.

Networking online

Social networking is about more than just LinkedIn. Consider also using Twitter and Facebook to seek information about people, companies and industry news.

Social networking can give you:

  • exposure to company information – you can gain knowledge of the company and find out what types of people they are looking for
  • insight to job opportunities – ‘like’ different companies and ‘connect’ to different people in relevant industries to remain informed of new roles
  • insight to events – find out about key events where you will have the opportunity to meet recruiters face to face

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