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GKN Aerospace is the leading global tier one aerospace supplier for the majority of the world’s aircraft manufacturers.


From lightweight aerostructures to smart engine systems, wiring systems to landing gear, and ice protection systems to transparencies, GKN Aerospace is the original aerospace innovator. We make aircraft fly further, faster and greener.


Here are some of the key projects we are working on right now:



Shaping the future of commercial flight

GKN Aerospace develops, builds and supplies advanced aerospace systems, components and sustainable technologies.

These are used in aircraft ranging from business jets and wide bodies to the most used single-aisle aircraft and the world's first all-electric commuter aircraft.

Creating cutting-edge military components

GKN Aerospace delivers cutting-edge components to the world’s leading military aircraft and helicopters. We provide the technology that helps military aircraft to fly faster, more safely, and with greater fuel efficiency.


A leading tier-one engine provider

GKN Aerospace is a leading tier one provider of both structural and rotating engine components, subsystems and modules. We have a broad range of capabilities and close strategic partnerships with all the major OEMs and tier one suppliers.

Extensive solutions and MRO

We develop, build and supply an extensive range of advanced aerospace systems, components and technologies.

These are used in aircraft ranging from business jets, helicopters and military aircraft to the most used single aisles and the largest passenger planes in the world.




The talent that we work with

Over 15,000 employees in 13 countries work together to manufacture the highest quality aerospace components and equipment.

Right now, we are hiring:


Manufacturing Engineers

manufacturing engineers

Team Leaders & Production Operatives

team leaders

Aircraft Fitters

aircraft fitters



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