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About the Isle of Man Public Service

The Isle of Man Public Service is made up of eight departments and various boards and offices who all report to the Council of Ministers. The total number of public service workers is around 9,000 people, roughly 10% of the population or 23% of the working population, all working together for the Isle of Man. 

Department of Infrastructure

The department of Infrastructure proudly delivers a diverse range of services including highways maintenance and improvement works, mapping, waste management, air and sea port facilities, properties and asset management, coastguard search and rescue, the provision of quarries and raw materials to support infrastructure development and the construction industry. 



  • Finance and Governance
  • Highway Services
  • Public Estates and Housing Division
  • Ports
  • Public Transport
  • Strategy Policy and Performance

By coming to work with the Isle of Man Public Service at this exciting and challenging time, you can help develop the Isle of Man for the people living here now and for the future.

Find out about their latest infrastructure projects here.



If you’re interested in a career within the Isle of Man Public Service then understanding who they are and how they work will help you understand if they are the right fit for you.

It’s the Isle of Man Public Service values that shape how they work and reflect the expectations they have for their selves and for their co-workers. Their values are:

  • We value, trust and respect each other
  • We listen to people and have open communication
  • We encourage creativity and innovation


The Isle of Man is a wonderful place to live and work, find out more.

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