Isle of Man - Benefits

There are many benefits to working within the Isle of Man.

Lower tax

Tax and National Insurance Isle of Man residents benefit from lower tax rates than a lot of countries in the EU and a simpler, more efficient system of calculation. The Isle of Man operates a simple taxation regime with a lower rate of tax on individuals of 10% and an upper rate of 20% on personal income.

This means that a single person earning £20,000 in the tax year starting 6 April 2017 would pay £850 in tax (versus the UK where an individual earning £20,000 would pay £1,700 in tax).

The personal allowance (tax free earnings) for a single person is £12,500 and for a married couple £25,000 (for the tax year starting 6 April 2017). The Isle of Man is offering a National Insurance Holiday Scheme which allows newly employed, relocated or returning residents to apply for a refund on their National Insurance contributions for their first year of living or returning to the Isle of Man, with refunds capped at £4,000.

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Take a look below to see some of the great benefits on offer at the Isle of Man Public Service. 


Competitive pay and leave at Isle of Man

Pay and leave

The Isle of Man Public Service offers competitive salaries, parental leave, rewarding pension plans and death in service cover so you can take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Employees also receive generous annual leave entitlement, in addition to ten Manx public holidays.

Personal Development | Isle of Man

Investing in you 

By joining the Isle of Man Public Service you will gain access to an extensive range of personal and professional development initiatives. You will have the opportunity to receive:

  • support gaining professional qualifications
  • personal development through challenging work projects
  • access to the Learning, Education and Development Centre (LEaD), which offers an extensive range of courses including leadership development.

Health & wellbeing at Isle of Man


Health and wellbeing groups have been established in many areas with dedicated leads for social, physical and psychological wellbeing.

Flexible working at Isle of Man


The Isle of Man Public Service appreciates that the 9 to 5 doesn't work for everyone. 

Flexible working opportunities are available and there are a wide range of roles on offer that are designed to support how you want to work.  


Along with the above benefits, the Isle of Man is a great place to live and work, find out more.

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