Matchtech Engineering Services

Matchtech Engineering Services (MES) was created four years ago to complement and enhance our sector-specific recruitment services.

Through our engineering services, we offer two types of engagement model – ‘offload package of work’ and ‘seconded engineer’.

Offload Package of Work

Our offload service delivers outsourced packages of design and engineering work across the following sectors: Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Maritime, General Engineering and Infrastructure. These packages are completed in our offices under agreed statements of work with our own engineers, software licenses and project managers.

The packages of work could include anything from core design and analysis work to engineering support activities, such as managing your engineering /manufacturing supply chain or handling your engineering change processes. With MES managing your suppliers or engineering processes, you  have more time to concentrate on value-add engineering and development activity and your engineering workforce would be able to focus on core activity- something which is extremely important in a skill short market.

Seconded Engineer Model

Our ‘seconded engineer’ model provides clients with the ability to procure either complete engineering teams or suitably qualified engineers on an individual basis. Seconded engineers are considered as part of the Matchtech Engineering Services headcount, rather than the client’s and the work is undertaken on the client site, under an agreed deliverables-based statement of work with an engineering services budget managed by MES.

If you would like to discuss the offload or seconded models offered by Matchtech Engineering Services, please contact Richard Surridge using the details below.

T: 01489 898212

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