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Shropshire Council delivers a wide range of services to residents, businesses and visitors. This includes: social care, education, libraries, planning, environmental health, leisure facilities, highways maintenance, street cleaning, parking, licensing, registration services and more.

It has recently undergone a large scale transformation programme aimed at ‘Creating a better future’, which puts improving the quality of life of all local people at the heart of everything they do.  




Highways and Transport Services

The Highways and Transport team manages 5,100km of roads, leads on new and exciting projects and supports the growth of the county. They are dedicated to making sure the county’s roads are as safe as possible, working hard to get any defects fixed, watching the weather for snow, ice and flooding, and working with communities to ensure the streets are clean and safe.

Find out about their latest roads and highways projects here.



Shropshire Council’s values drive their behaviour and demonstrate to their communities, their staff and their partners what they see as being important:

  • Environment: Leading the way in protecting, enhancing and valuing natural resources, and respecting the historic environment of the county.
  • Equality and Inclusion: Treating everyone as equal regardless of their circumstances and backgrounds, and identifying and helping people who may need support.
  • Excellence: Striving for excellence in every aspect of what they do, and using resources wisely and responsibly in partnership with others to maximise their impact.
  • Fairness: Being fair, open and honest, acting with integrity, and expecting the same in others.
  • Innovation: Striving to improve, to learn from others, to encourage entrepreneurship and to explore new approaches with enthusiasm.
  • Listening: Demonstrating that they are listening and responding to communities, partners and staff, and treating views with respect.
  • Partnership: Working collaboratively with communities and partners to benefit the people of Shropshire.
  • Self-reliance: Encouraging people to be as independent and in control of their lives as possible, for as long as possible.
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