Engineering Jobs

Matchtech has been supplying engineering jobs for 20 years and our large database of candidates covers all levels of positions within design, build, installation and maintenance. As one of the UK's leading recruitment agencies, Matchtech has achieved a strong presence in a wide variety of engineering industries. To ensure we offer candidates with specialist skills, we have trained our consultants to focus on niche markets.

  • Ref No: EMP435513
  • £50,000 - £55,000/annum
  • Peterborough, England
  • Ref No: EMP453875
  • chf70,000 - chf100,000/annum
  • Näfels, Switzerland
  • Ref No: EMP445349
  • Hertfordshire, England
  • Ref No: CLGMCB4576
  • zar400,000 - zar500,000/annum
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Ref No: EMP444837
  • £57/hour
  • Barrow-In-Furness, England
  • Ref No: EMP454041
  • Burgess Hill, England
  • Ref No: EMP454110
  • Basingstoke, England
  • Ref No: CLG002113
  • $40 - $50/hour
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Ref No: EMP454200
  • Burgess Hill, England
  • Ref No: EMP451608
  • Hatfield, England

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