Alliance Medical is Europe’s leading independent provider of medical imaging services, operating across the continent – in the UK, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands and Spain.

Established in 1989, we have enjoyed rapid growth based on a proven, scalable business model, exceptional service, outstanding value for money and technical excellence.

We are now pioneering an approach that harnesses skills, information and new communication technologies to give more patients the possibility of the very best medical outcomes. We believe that knowledge is the most certain way to achieve health and we connect and manage the right people, skills, technology and information to help clinicians make the educated diagnostic decisions that lead to better health.

Static Services

We construct, install and manage imaging facilities with highly trained and fully qualified radiographers, technicians and sonographers.

Mobile Services

A fleet of MRI, CT, X-Ray and PET/CT scanners providing services to private and NHS hospitals across the country.

Diagnostic Centres

Independent services in key locations with resident radiographers and clinicians for a full range of modalities.

At our Central Support Office in Warwick you will find a full range of supporting roles - from finance, IT and HR to sales, training, logistics, clinical governance and customer support. Our Patient Management Centre processes all referrals from point of receipt, through clinical triage, scheduling of patient appointments, scanning and teleradiology reporting handling up to 100,000 referrals per annum.

Working in partnership to provide value-added solutions across Europe, we have imaging services comprising of 44 MRI/CT static centres including 7 PET/CT, and 26 mobiles for PET/CT, DEXA, X-Ray, MRI and CT. We work with most NHS organisations across the UK to provide solutions that meet their diagnostic requirements.

As Europe’s leading independent provider of outsourced diagnostic imaging services, we are expert at looking beneath the surface. We are now pioneering an approach that harnesses skills, information and new communication technologies. We know that by looking a bit deeper and sharing knowledge we can achieve astounding results.

If you’re interested in working for, or knowing more about Alliance Medical, please contact us on +44 (0)1489 898 247 or by email

At Alliance Medical, patient care is at the heart of our service offering and our values are:


We work together and in partnership. We respect expertise and combine it to achieve more.


We never compromise. We strive to deliver the very best in everything we do.


Knowledge and understanding comes from learning. At Alliance Medical we are committed to ensuring that each and every one of us keeps on learning.


Efficiency in healthcare means more patients get better care. We constantly seek new ways to use the scarce resource of healthcare more intelligently so that more people can live longer, fuller lives.

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