Prysmian Cables & Systems is the world leader in the industry of high-technology cables and systems for energy and telecommunications.

The Prysmian Group is a truly global company with subsidiaries in 50 countries encompassing 88 plants of which 17 are Research & Development centres and over 19,000 employees.

In the UK Prysmian manufactures energy cables from low voltage to extremely high voltage for land applications. Additionally it is able to offer a comprehensive range of cable accessories for these cables all designed with the cable in mind and therefore offering a robust system.  At higher voltages Prysmian offer a maintenance and installation service via its Energy Network Solutions business unit and for those unexpected and emergency occurrences there is the XLPE Xpress service where high voltage cables and accessories can be delivered from stock.  From its position within the Global Prysmian Group, Prysmian UK can offer turnkey submarine cables and installation services as well as a comprehensive range of industrial cables for such applications as: mining, cranes, wind turbines and rail applications.

At lower voltages Prysmian's comprehensive range of building wires and power cables are available through a first class network of wholesalers and distributors. With over 30 years market leading experience the FP range of fire resistant cables continues to evolve to offer the most secure and robust cables for applications.

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Prysmian now has more than 19,000 employees, both clerical and manual. The 2011 merger of Prysmian and Draka, and the combination of the two market-leading companies, culminated in the business known today as Prysmian Group.

As a company operating in the industrial sector Prysmian recognise that its employees are their most valuable asset.  Prysmian continuously invest in people ensuring that the organisational needs match their individual skills, capabilities and expectations. Prysmian Group relies on the expertise of its people to provide solutions and services that deliver value to major commercial customers involved in projects on every continent.

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