With significant market investment and ambitious Government plans to bring “gigabit-capable” broadband to every home and business by the end of 2025, the number of premises with full fibre connections is set to rocket.

If you want to help build UK connectivity, then we want to hear from you.




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We are looking for a wide range of fibre experts to support the development and deployment of 100% fibre networks across the UK.

Some of the fibre roles we typically recruit for include:

Construction supervisors - cabling technicians - cable pullers - splicers - ground workers - fibre planners - permit officers - GIS specialists - field engineers - field managers - fibre installers - quantity surveyors - permit coordinators - health & safety managers - project managers - civil inspectors - traffic management specialists - delivery managers

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Fibre jobs


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If you want to make a difference to UK connectivity, then we want to hear from you. Please fill out the form below to register your interest. Please let us know what type of roles you’d be interested in being put forward for and attach your CV. If we find a job that’s a good match for you, we’ll be in touch.


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Fibre jobs 

Our fibre jobs include construction supervisors, construction managers, project managers, surveyors, designers, cabling technicians, cable pullers, splicers, fibre planners, fibre installers, permit officers, permit coordinators, permit managers, ground workers, health & safety, GIS specialists, civil inspectors, traffic management specialists and delivery managers. Apply today.

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