General Election 2015- Leaders Debate, what question would you ask?

The General Election campaigns are ramping up, and the political parties are continuously in the media telling us why we should be giving them our vote in May. With the next Leaders Debate taking place on ITV tonight, we can expect to see some interesting discussions and challenging moments between the political party leaders.

Our recent Confidence Index Survey asked Engineers in the UK what policies they would like to see included in the Government manifestos; Greater investment in STEM apprenticeships came out on top with 41% of engineers selecting it. You can view the full set of results here.

We decided to ask some of the managers across the business the following question ‘If you had two minutes to pose a question/ questions to the political parties as part of the debate tonight, what would you ask?”

Here are some the questions/themes we received:

- What do you plan to do to increase levels of STEM education in the UK? Do you have any agreed or documented policies/targets already?

- Engineering is vital to the continued growth of the UK economy, what will you do to ensure the industry can grow, develop and expand?

- Over the past year the skills shortage in the engineering industry has been regularly documented- what are your plans to address the skills gap now?

- What profession would you be encouraging your children to pursue?

What questions would you ask the leaders if you had the opportunity? Share your thoughts below…

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