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Do you agree with the results and report from this year’s Confidence index? Please leave your comments at the bottom of this article: join the debate and continue the conversation.

Thousands of engineers and dozens of industry stakeholders contributed to this piece of research, which provides a subjective viewpoint of where the UK engineering industry sits today. If you were involved in this year’s Confidence Index, or any of the previous years, thank you again!

Plenty of reports produce statistics on salaries, employment rates, employee benefits, etc. However, at Matchtech we are in the privileged position of being able to engage with our large database of engineers, whether actively job-seeking or not, capturing their opinions, perceptions, predictions and expectations of the engineering industry and their specific sector.

We are then able to share that information with industry and solicit a reaction in order to feed this back to our original respondents. Thus starting a conversation between engineers who work in industry and those who help shape it.

We are passionate about engineering and care about the response these results and report incite.

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