How the UK infrastructure employment market is coping in a time of national crisis

With the COVID-19 pandemic still very much having a big impact on day-to-day activities within the UK, Matchtech’s Managing Director of Infrastructure Recruitment, John Dunaway talks about how the employment market is faring, as well as touching on the future prospects for infrastructure sub-sectors including; rail, highways, construction and utilities.

Watch the video to find out more or read some of the highlights below.


Commenting on the Government’s planned £600 billion investment in UK infrastructure 

“I was fortunate enough to see Rishi Sunak’s online question session recently where he was posed a direct question about funding and he said he's truly committed to it and in collaboration with the national infrastructure council and the national infrastructure strategy, there will be a revised publication later this year… making the UK's infrastructure world-class and the country a very good place to invest for overseas businesses and incoming net investment.”

On the overall impact of COVID-19 on the infrastructure labour market

“We've seen a heavy decline as have a lot of businesses.”

“The construction inquirer recently issued a statistic saying that although circa 86% of construction sites are back up and running. There's been a dilution of workforce numbers partly due to spacing out programs and partly due to lack of fluidity in the cash flow supply chain.”

Commenting on infrastructure sub-sectors right now

“We're seeing some really interesting growth in the fibre market at the moment … and (it) is treated as essential utilities and comms.”

“The highways sites in particular, as you would imagine were downscaled very quickly, but it's starting to recover quite positively.”

“The water market has held very firm.”

“The rail market just trickled along in the background… the investment’s there for the long term, HS2 seems to be cracking on, so there's some positive signs in the market.”

A positive outlook on the future recruitment market for Matchtech

“Fortunately, we're well positioned with a lot of relationships and capability in those spaces (sub-sectors), so we're looking forward to seeing what the next three to six months is going to hold for us all.”


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