Improving the recruitment of women in STEM

Ahead of National Women in Engineering Day (NWED) next week, Natalie Desty, Matchtech's Head of Maritime, welcomes the event and suggests that more needs to be done to attract and retain women into STEM careers. With women making up 51% of the population,  yet under 10% of the engineering workforce, there is a huge business case to attract more women to STEM to bridge the skills gap. There is also the subjective argument that a diverse workforce brings a blend of improved productivity and creativity within some work environments.

Natalie shares her thoughts on these issues in her latest Women's Engineering Society blog, 'Improving the Recruitment of Women in STEM'.

In the blog, Natalie explains that although there has been a huge increase in initiatives to tackle the gender gap over the past 5 years, these haven't yet had the required impact to readdress the diversity balance. Natalie highlights some of the ways that the industry could better attract both girls and women into STEM careers.

You can read the full article on the Women's Engineering Society website here.

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