Have you ever wondered where you stand against your peers with your views on the industry; the issues, salary, location, opportunities and the future of your sector?

Our annual confidence index provides you with the opportunity to do just that.

In its third year, the index is a survey of UK engineers that is designed to collate their opinions, by sector on a variety of different career related issues, including career progression, job security and salary.
Over the last two years the index has allowed us to track fluctuations in confidence across UK engineering sector. Our most recent index identified that three quarters of British engineers lack confidence in government’s action to encourage innovation in the UK (only a 1% decrease from the 2012 findings), over half of UK engineers would be willing to move abroad for work and nearly two thirds believe the UK will cease to be an engineering world leader in the future (4% decrease in confidence from the 2012 findings).

The findings from this survey, combined with the outcomes of our roundtable debate, enabled Matchtech to pose a letter of recommendations to the Government earlier this year; Open letter to Government, 2014.

This year we hope to follow a similar process, but first, we need your opinion. This year we are addressing some of the same issues, but also want your thoughts on whether you would transfer across sectors to utilise your skills in a different area, whether you expect your company to grow over the next 12months and what policy changes you would like to see in the upcoming general election.

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