Agile Delivery Manager (Infrastructure)

Ref No. BHN528003
Location Winchester, England
Job type Permanent
Job Status Closed
You can not apply for this job as its status is Closed.
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As the Agile Delivery Manager you will lead a team to successfully deliver to stakeholder expectations. Responsible for managing scope, schedule, budget and quality levers.


Agile Delivery Manager ( Infrastructure )

The Job

Agile Delivery Manager

We are software development company and a trusted partner to the general insurance industry. Based across the UK and Europe, our support and development services make us a truly diverse organisation that offers a range of IT solutions to insurance brokers, insurers and managing general agents.


Remote working and attend office once every 2 weeks.
As the Agile Delivery Manager you will lead a team to successfully deliver to stakeholder expectations. Responsible for managing scope, schedule, budget and quality levers; managing dependencies and RAIDs within the team and across the organisation. Builds a high performing delivery machine.
Key responsibilities

  • Delivery Management: manage and ensure the progress of project work, "continuous flow" and adherence to team commitments. Includes tracking of work, management of risks, and remediation of issues.
  • Continuous Delivery Planning: create a realistic, achievable roadmap showing how and when the project goals will be met along with the required milestones, mitigations, activities and resources required. Continuously evolving the plan to reflect current reality of the Project and view of the future.
  • Scope Management: embrace flexibility in requirements change to maximise the stakeholder value whilst balancing management of delivery and expectations of required objectives within a defined timeframe. Understanding which scope management techniques to employ based on the impact of the change. Establish a strong partnership with Product Owner and Tech Lead to ensure effective prioritization that balances business value, quality and other constraints.
  • Risk Management: map and comprehend the risks involved in several dimensions of the work, aiming to prevent them by reducing and mitigating them when possible.
  • Stakeholder Management: identify, analyse, plan and implement actions that engage and build relationships as well as sustain them long term through effective expectation management, so as to enable each party to reach their goals.
  • Facilitation: steer team and stakeholders to work well, both in defining a common vision, making decisions, achieving their goals and creating a relational climate where trust prevails and communication is fluid, empathic and honest.
  • Agile & Lean Principles: guide and champion lean and agile principles for achieving quality, adaptability, speed & alignment. This includes the practices, techniques and tools that support those principles, and an understanding of when things may or may not be applicable in a situation or context.
  • Build High Performing Teams: enable a group of people who share a common vision, goals, metrics and who collaborate, challenge and hold each other accountable, to achieve outstanding results. Understand individuals, their motivations and provide them the support needed so they can excel in their roles.
  • Servant Leadership: leads by example. Serves the needs of the team by serving its team members. Put the needs of others first and help people develop and perform as highly as possible.



  • A good level of technical understanding of cloud infrastructure, and how it works architecturally.
  • 5+ years of experience working as an Agile Project Manager, Iteration Manager and/or Scrum Master with deep experience of working with and leading teams in Kanban, Scrum or Extreme Programming
  • 3+ years of experience working in any software development team role
  • Experience working with agile delivery methods
  • Experience working with a cross-functional software development team


  • Drives to Outcomes: focuses on results and desired outcomes and how best to achieve them. Able to execute plans through to action. Persistent to complete tasks and a strong commitment to take action that moves things along to ensure delivery of objectives.
  • Ownership & Accountability: takes personal accountability and ownership for their work. This includes personal follow through, making and defending difficult decisions and trade-offs, removing blockers, driving collective progress.
  • Continuous Improvement: advances by ongoing, incremental improvement through continuous learning, questioning the status quo and trying out creative and novel ideas. Shows curiosity and has a keen interest to drive learning for themselves and others.

We are looking for an individual who embraces our values in their actions, decisions, communications and processes to inspire positivity and, ultimately, exceptional performance.

You can not apply for this job as its status is Closed.
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