Environmental Test Technician

Ref No. BHN530900
Salary £20.90/hour
Location Bishopton, Scotland
Start date ASAP
Job type Contract (12 months)
Job Status Open


Environmental Test Technician - Bishopton - 12 Months - UMB £20.90


Environmental Test Technician

The Job


The Project Technician - Test and Evaluation (PT) will function as part of a team to assist with tests and evaluations being conducted within the Environmental Test Facility at Bishopton. The PT must be comfortable working in an explosives environment. The PT will be expected to interface with external customers. The PT will assist in conducting a number of environmental tests in line with required standards/customer requirements and compile all relevant data and photographic evidence. For the practical application of dynamic testing, the PT will be required to rig up fixtures and assets, implement instrumentation for use with vibration and shock control software and execute dynamic testing via specialist hardware and software. The PT will be expected to devise control strategies (in conjunction with the external customer) when running complex tests. The PT will also be required to conduct NDT test and inspection. All duties will be carried out in strict adherence with SHE legislation and the quality management system.

  1. Education, Qualifications and Training
  • Desirable, but not essential qualified to HNC standard in mechanical/electrical discipline.
  • Desirable, but not essential experience of dynamic testing.
  • Desirable, but not essential experience of climatic testing.
  • Desirable, but not essential experience of working with explosives.
  • Desirable, but not essential radiography practical application of Industrial X-Ray systems.
  1. Technical Knowledge
  • A knowledge of Dynamic testing: including
  •  Vibration - Sinusoidal, Random, Sine/Random
  •  Multi-Shaker Sine/Random
  •  Shock/Bump
  •  Multi-Shaker Shock
  •  Drop/Freefall
  •  Bounce
  •  Constant Acceleration
  • A knowledge of Climatic testing: Including
  •  High/Low Temperature
  •  High/Low Humidity
  •  Pressure: Altitude/Rapid Decompression
  • An understanding of uncertainty of measurement
  1. Skills and Experience
  • Have experience in a relevant electrical/mechanical engineering field, together with experience in a Test and Evaluation environment.
  • Have the ability to work effectively in a team environment and have good interpersonal skills.
  • Have good analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Have an understanding of the technical applications of dynamic testing.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with customers and at all levels within the organisation.
  • Have knowledge of ISO 9001/14001/18001 and UKAS 17025 standards.
  • Have experience in the use of Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  1. Governance
  • Ensuring that the Quality Management System is being implemented and opportunities for improvement are highlighted
  • Ensure any deviations from the documented management system are reported to senior management, including staff that are responsible for implementation/managing the quality management system.
  • Ensure personal Professional Development Review is maintained and reviewed
  • Ensure technical competency skills are maintained and records kept up to date.
  • Line management reporting as per the structure in the current Environmental Test facility (ETF) Organisation Chart, contained within the Quality Management System.
  1. Responsibilities
  • Compliance and adherence to SHE legislation.
  • Compliance and adherence with the quality management system.
  • Responsible for recording test data and following relevant test plans.
  • Assisting with continuous improvement and performance measurement activities.
  • Responsible for maintaining technical competency.
  • Responsible for assisting in the delivery of trials within timescale and budget.
  1. Safety Health and Environment
  • Compliance with the all necessary company SHE requirements.
  • Ability to demonstrate safe working practices.
  • Adherence to a safe system of work through the respective Test History Logs.
  • Compliance with pre trials risk assessments to ensure trials are conducted in a safe manner and that all trial specific hazards are identified and controlled.
  • Ensure all training is relevant and up to date in order to carry out mandated duties.
  • Ensure all necessary PPE is used when required.

Awareness and understanding of the HSE Explosiv


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