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Job title

Programme Manager / Product Line Manager

Ref no. BHN557673
Location Cwmbran, Wales
Start date ASAP
Job type Permanent
Job status Closed

Job summary

As a Programme Manager, you'll play a pivotal role in ensuring the alignment of our projects with company objectives and contractual commitments.

Key skills required for this role

Programme Manager, Product Line Manager


Aerospace experience essential

Job description

Job Summary:

The Programme Manager holds a central position in guaranteeing the fulfilment of company goals and commitments to our valued customers. This role involves being the custodian of the business plan, complete with financial authority, and adhering to delegated responsibilities. Additionally, when assigned to a Product Line, you'll lead the Product Line business plan, drive the Product Line road-map, and prepare bids for the future.

Scope of Responsibilities:

- Establishing the framework for seamless programme/Product Line execution.
- Translating programme objectives to various company functional departments within their delegated authority.
- Leading the integrated programme team.
- Overseeing all aspects of the Programme/Product Line, encompassing performance, cost, quality, and lead times.
- Ensuring consistent information sharing with internal and external customers.

Key Responsibilities and Duties:

Set up and manage the integrated programme team:

- Foster effective information sharing and team cohesion around shared objectives.
- Collaborate with department heads to define and assess objectives for integrated program team members within their respective domains.
- Approve key deliverables submitted by team members.

Manage the Program/Product Line:

- Implement and coordinate the program management plan.
- Consolidate various schedules and maintain the overall program calendar.
- Make essential decisions to meet program/product line objectives.
- Plan internal program/product line tollgates and ensure their successful execution.
- Manage changes that impact the program or product.
- Consolidate and update progress indicators, reporting to the company's executive committee.
- Monitor decisions made by the program team and associated action plans.
- Lead relationships with inter-company partners, ensuring effective communication, collaboration, and goal achievement.

Liaise with the customer:

- Make decisions to ensure customer satisfaction and contract compliance.
- Verify and relay customer specifications, managing any necessary changes.
- Prepare for formal reviews with the customer and ensure deliverables align with contract requirements.

Manage program risks:

- Consolidate various risk mitigation plans, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of management data while effectively managing risks.
- Act as the point of contact for the company's risk manager for the program/Product Line.

To achieve these objectives, the Programme Manager complies with PROMPT and the Product Line Management Process:

- Own the Programme Management Plan and ensure compliance with customer, air-framer, and regulatory requirements.
- Define the Programme Work Breakdown Structure.
- Pass PROMPT/PLS Gates on-time and on-quality.
- Define and monitor the Programme/Product Line Dashboard.
- Manage the Integrated Programme Team, ensuring clear responsibilities and interfaces.
- Manage Programme Communication and Documentation.
- Identify and mitigate risks and opportunities.
- Manage the Programme Partners.
- Manage Programme Changes.

Knowledge, Experience, Training, and Qualifications:


- Ability to develop program strategy using organisational processes and reference systems.
- Proficiency in financial management and project management.
- Strong customer-centric approach with the ability to listen to customers and ensure their satisfaction.
- Proficiency in legal and contractual aspects of program execution.
- Ability to organise and plan projects, including complex collaborations with partners.
- Ability to develop Product Line strategy using Sales and Marketing intelligence.
- Ability to listen to internal customers (Sales and Marketing) for Product Line and provide support for product variant development.

Competencies, Behaviours, and Skills:


- Ability to lead and coordinate a multidisciplinary and cross-functional team.
- Negotiation and influence skills.
- Risk identification and analysis.
- Effective communication skills for presenting information to internal and external stakeholders.
- Ability to create and maintain an internal network within SSGB and its inter-company partners to support program goals.

Organisation Chart:

- Programme Manager assigned to Product Lines reports hard line to the VP Strategy & Products and dotted to the BU Programme organisation until the PL S5.
- After PL S5 Gate, from the S3 of the first head of version, the Programme Manager reports hard line into the BU Programme organisation and dotted to the VP Strategy & Products.
- In the case of a multi-BU Product Line or transverse module, the Programme Manager or Transverse module manager reports hardline to the VP Strategy & Products across the complete life-cycle of the said Product Line or Module, with a dotted link to the Programme organisation of the related BU.

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