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Job title

MFD Technician (Painter)

Ref no. BHN573892
Salary £16.28 - £16.77/hour
Location Fareham, England
Start date ASAP
Job type Permanent
Job status Open

Job summary

Our Aerospace Client based in Fareham, Tichfield are currently looking for an MFD Technician (painter) to join them on an on-going contract basis.

Key skills required for this role

Masking, Attention to detail, Apply specialised coatings to withstand extreme conditions


Masking, Attention to detail, Apply specialised coatings to withstand extreme conditions

Job description


Core Day Shift: 7:30 am - 4:15 pm (Monday to Thursday) | 7:30 am - 11:30 am (Friday)


£16.28 PAYE + Holiday pay, increasing to £16.77 + holiday pay after 12 weeks.

Job Details

Specialized Coatings:

Aerospace painters apply specialized coatings designed to withstand extreme conditions such as high altitude, temperature fluctuations, and exposure to various chemicals.

Surface Preparation:

Thorough preparation of surfaces including cleaning, sanding, and priming to ensure proper adhesion and durability of the paint.

Precision and Accuracy:

High level of precision is required to apply paint uniformly and avoid defects, as even minor imperfections can impact the aerodynamics and performance of aircraft.

Technical Knowledge:

Understanding of various types of paints and coatings, including primers, topcoats, and special finishes such as anti-corrosive, heat-resistant, and camouflage paints.

Safety Standards:

Adherence to safety standards and regulations to protect against hazardous materials and ensure safe working conditions.

Quality Control:

Conducting inspections and quality control checks to ensure paint jobs meet stringent aerospace standards and specifications. Use of


Proficiency with various painting equipment, such as spray guns, and brush application as well as knowledge of advanced application techniques.

Attention to Detail:

Strong attention to detail to ensure even coverage, proper masking, and no overspray, which is crucial for the aircraft's aesthetics and functionality.


Working closely with engineers, technicians, and other team members to coordinate painting projects and ensure all components meet design and quality requirements.


Maintaining detailed records of work performed, including materials used, application processes, and inspection results, which are essential for traceability and compliance.

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