Gas Manager

Ref No. CLG300011141
Location Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Job type Permanent
Job Status Closed
You can not apply for this job as its status is Closed.
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Our client are working with public and private sector partners to unlock the potential of South Africa's Compressed Natural Gas (CNG): providing industry with cleaner, more environmentally-friendly fuel; offering business and consumers a cost effective alternate energy source; and stimulating job creation by developing this sector.


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The Job

A. Duties: 1. Sales and cost control o Budgeting a. Assist with preparing an annual budget to present to the Board b. Ensure that the approved budgets are implemented and achieved c. Report on budgetary discrepancies or over expenditure prior to this taking place. d. Receive authorization prior to any expenditure occurring. e. The employee and the directors will agree on a quarterly target, whereby the minimum targets must be achieved. o Sales and management in conjunction with staff a. Setup KPI’s in conjunction with senior management for yourself, all your staff and contracted filling stations. b. Monitor and manage that a minimum budget levels are exceeded per day at NGV filling stations. c. Set out targets in line with budgets to close the deficit and exceed approved budgets. d. Implement signed agreements and maintain relationships with filling station owners, customers, contracted operators, fleet operators and workshops. e. Ensure fleets and taxis operate on a daily basis and meet minimum agreed monthly volumes. f. Ensure training of all staff and contractors on the CNG systems and procedures g. Identify potential sales leads with bus companies and centrals/municipal government fleet and other fleet operators and set up appointments. h. Ensure quotations are done correctly; margins and prices are checked, authorized and handed to customers timeously. i. The employee will be responsible for submitting agreed Tenders and follow up throughout the implementation process. j. Balance daily takings to gas dispensed on all sites and G-shops and ensure that there is a nil variance. k. Training and management support to other filling stations. Provide evaluation and auditing systems and discuss with owners and/or contractors operating filling stations. l. Langlaagte filling station & Forecourt including all other contracted and in-house filling stations: i. Manager and forecourt attendants must develop and promote a positive customer interaction and must get to know their customers ii. Ensure all equipment is operational and working to specifications iii. Authorise issuing of tags to taxi driver iv. Ensure timeous turnaround times during the filling process ( time vehicle arrives to the time the vehicle leaves) v. When necessary, forecourt attendants must provide information and promotional material to vehicle operators. vi. Co-ordinate and develop sales and provide specific reports to sales representatives on a weekly and monthly basis: 45 / 49 Job Advert Creator vi. Co-ordinate and develop sales and provide specific reports to sales representatives on a weekly and monthly basis: a. Number of vehicles filling per day/ month vs. budgets b. Number of vehicles not filling up to a minimum of 550 l/eq. c. Providing sales leads d. Providing incidents reports e. Create a database with all customers details f. Manage credit and up front deposit paying customers g. Manage the Income Statement to budget h. Balance gas sold to cash received equals zero variance vii. Change pump prices when required viii. Every quarter, check gas density vs. l/eq. displayed price ix. Notify customers on prices changes. m. Langlaagte: G - Shop i. Management and co-ordination of all orders from placing of the orders ensuring that the delivery is made timeously and correct items are received. ii. Co-ordinate sales and provide specific reports to management on a weekly and monthly basis: a) Manage the Income Statement to budget b) Margins to achieve an average of 33% GP c) Develop external sales (e.g. pre-packed food) iii. Providing incidents reports iv. Manage shrinkage and write-offs to below 1% v. Provide sales and stock reports vi. Balance stock, shrinkage, write-off/wastage to cash equals to zero variance vii. Arrange regular promotions on products 2. Stock control and management of equipment a. Ensure all stock take is done and signed off by yourself, projects and administration on a monthly basis by the 1st of each month. b. Set up a monthly stock allocation in line with conversion schedule, approved budgets and targets c. Recover kits and associated costs from clients in the case of client default on agreements. d. Ensure that kits are not being tampered with by way of regular inspection. e. Ensure that vehicles filling have COC’s. f. Ensure cylinder certificates are valid and pressure testing takes place when required. g. Ensure installations are certified and certificate of compliance is issued and on file. h. Ensure that non-compliant vehicle kits are removed and reinstalled in new vehicles with a new contract linked to the preceding contract. i. Building and development of clients’ base. Continuous interaction with client base and building of client relations. Monitoring of client relations. j. All assets, (building, equipment, roads etc.) to be maintained and continuously upgraded on sites k. Liaise with OEM’s and establish a program of receiving approvals to install conversion kits in vehicles whereby vehicles retain warranties 3. Workshops a) Establish workshops as per budgets b) Ensure that contracts policies and procedures for workshops are in place c) Ensure that training for workshops is done d) Ensure that workshops meet targets as per budgets 4. Admin & Reports a. Set up policies, procedures and training manuals for all aspects required to operate a CNG filling station b. Ensure that weekly daily and monthly reports are checked and presented on time c. Create a report, reporting back on sales and marketing progress/opportunities on a weekly basis in writing to senior management on pre-agreed dates. d. Create a report, reporting back on sales, marketing progress, opportunities and issues on a monthly basis by the 7th of each month in writing, part of which will be incorporated in the board of directors’ report. e. Update applicable contacts & vendor information, record keeping f. Update/monitor contracts/ agreements for potential customers and when required, and ensure that contracts are always current and verified (e.g. update taxi owner dates, driver details, contact& address) g. Twice a month the employee will set out a presentation indicated areas/ customers visited and competitor activities and opportunities h. The employee will e-mail the Managing Director a weekly activity schedule by Friday for the following week; this 46 / 49 Job Advert Creator h. The employee will e-mail the Managing Director a weekly activity schedule by Friday for the following week; this schedule will be updated on a daily basis illustrating customers, sites visited and meetings held. 5. General a. Ensure difficulties, issues or concerns are reported to senior management and addressed. b. Ensure that the company is in no way liable for any issues with the taxi for example; maintenance, services and certifications. c. Monitor of competitor activities and provide feedback to management. d. Keeping a vehicle logbooks detailing each trip, distance travelled, details of customer/site visited, odometer reading etc. for the driver for the company vehicles, yourself and staff e. To implement and know what Health & Safety of requirements are relating to NATURAL GAS / CNG and to abide by the Health & Safety Act of South Africa. f. Ensure that you are up to date on events relating to the CNG industry in South Africa & Internationally and provide the board with feedback relating to activities and competitor activities. g. Ensure training requirements are met for all staff and contracted filling stations relating to health& safety, HAZCHEM and any other regulatory requirements. B. OTHER TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT 1. The employee will work from the Langlaagte office to do admin and phone calls for appointments, follow up calls and send out proposals to potential customers and update pricing and proposals for new customers and at least be in the Northriding office two days a week to provide feedback to management. 2. To comply with Company regulations regarding any accidents involving staff members, company property, visitors or customers on Company premises, and to immediately report to the Director / appointed person any Health & Safety hazards. 3. Any other reasonable request made by the Company that falls within the general day-to-day operational running of the store. Important: a. Preferably a graduate in Sales and Marketing field b. Knowledge, experience and understanding of running businesses and operations such as filling stations. c. Has experience relating to merchandising, stock control and managing retail outlets d. Has sales, training experience e. Have strong costing, report writing and presentation skills f. Very good attention to detail and can communicate well at all levels, senior management, contractors and prospective customers. g. Must have experience with, and a complete understanding, of the inner working of the taxi industry h. Must have experience with, and a complete understanding, of OEM’s and Fleet operators i. Be assertive and have the ability to negotiate with clients j. Has a reasonable technical back ground and can grasp technical aspects k. Read and write reports and analyse information / mathematically good l. Very computer literate on Excel, Word and Power Point, MS Projects m. Research and gather information and set it out in a report n. Must have a valid driver’s licence with PDP and own vehicle

You can not apply for this job as its status is Closed.
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