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types of application forms

Top tips when completing job application forms

As part of your application to a job some companies will ask you to fill out an application form. This may be requested as an alternative to your CV or as a supporting document. Hiring companies will use application forms to compare applicants on a like-for-like basis.

Top tips for a winning application

Before you start:

  • Check the deadline date and make sure you set aside enough time to complete the form
  • If it’s a hand written application, check if they have specified a particular pen colour or format like block capitals.
  • Read the advert or job specification carefully

Completing the form:

  • If it’s an online application, write a draft answer in Word (or equivalent) first
  • Stay within the word limit (if specified)
  • Always give an answer - don’t assume an employer will have your CV
  • Give clear, relevant examples
  • Be honest in your answers

Before you submit:

  • Review your contact details
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • If it’s an online application, make sure you’ve used a clear font and that the formatting is correct. If it’s a hand written application, make sure your writing is legible.
  • Ask someone else to read your answers
  • Save, scan or print a copy of your application so you have it for future reference (it may be useful to take to an interview)
  • Ensure you are submitting it or sending it to the specified person

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