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Leonardo employee
Ensuring the Future of UK Aerospace

Innovation & Projects

Leonardo is playing an active role in defining the future capability that will help ensure that the UK remains a world-leader in the combat air sector.

Innovation is central to everything Leonardo does and stands for. In the UK, we invest around £180 million (around 10% of turnover) in research and development. This helps focus our people on developing creative, fit for the future and bespoke capability for our customers' success.

Here are some of the key projects we are working on right now:
Team Tempest

An opportunity to develop the next-generation Combat Air systems.

We're looking to attract and develop the next generation of world-leading suitably qualified and experienced personnel for our business to work on the Tempest programme.

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Leonardo jet fitted with BriteCloud

The BriteCloud self-contained Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) jammer is designed to disrupt incoming missiles’ RF tracking systems and produce an impressive ‘miss distance’, in response to a growing range of airborne and surface-based RF threats to fast jet aircraft.

Leonardo helicopter

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