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Who are Safran?


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Safran are an international high-technology group, a market leader in the aviation (propulsion, equipment and interiors), defence and space markets. Their mission is to contribute to a safer, more sustainable world, where air transport is more environmentally friendly, comfortable and accessible.

Safran are innovators

Since their inception, Safran have created a culture of innovation, anticipating customers' needs to develop the technologies, products and services for tomorrow's aerospace and defence markets.

Safran deliver solutions with long-term contributions towards a safer world. Making air transport safer and more environmentally friendly is Safran's main ambition in tackling the challenge of climate change, and contributing to the transition to carbon-neutral aviation by 2050.

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In response to this ambitious goal, they are redoubling efforts in technology innovation, including:

  • developing aircraft energy solutions, such as biofuels, hybridisation, electrification, hydrogen, new architectures, lighter equipment and more
  • investment in the European research programme Clean Sky
  • RISE (Revolutionary Ideas for Sustainable Aviation) – their recently launched engine technology maturation programme, to provide the foundation for the next generation CFM engine that could reduce CO2 emissions by 20%

Safran are also continuing to innovate through digital transformation, and aim to address complex problems, optimise processes and achieve greater proficiency in the entire life cycle of their products. 

They are stepping up the pace of their developments using more advanced modelling and simulation tools, rolling out new solutions that effectively combine data from multiple sources, as well as artificial intelligence techniques on a large scale. This gives customers the benefit of personalised services ranging from optimised use of products to predictive maintenance.

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In response to the urgent climate challenge, Safran have an ambitious policy to support the transition to carbon-neutral aviation by 2050. With new engine architectures, sustainable fuels, hybrid-electric technology, new materials and reduced weight, they are already reinventing the aeronautics industry of tomorrow.

This development of low-carbon aircraft features ultra-efficient engines and aerodynamic designs, while also significantly reducing weight and offering full compatibility with sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and an optimised electrical power system.

In addition, plans are underway to significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of Safran’s operations, production sites and value chain. Decarbonising aviation is one of the four pillars of the Group’s CSR strategy.

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Safran Group

Under the Safran umbrella, a wide range of companies and brands deliver world leading products and services. Here are just a few of their brands with a presence in the UK.

Safran Aerosystems - Braintree

A major supplier of on-board systems and equipment for aircraft & helicopters.

Safran Aerosystems design high-tech solutions that optimise aircraft performance and flight safety. The company is a major player in fluid and fuel systems, and a world leader in emergency evacuation systems and crew oxygen systems.


Safran Engineering Services - Gloucester

Based in Gloucester, Safran UK operate the UK Shared Service Centre.

They provide important services to all Safran’s UK businesses - including transactional finance, indirect procurement, HR, tax and international mobility management.

They also run the Safran UK Graduate Scheme, and manage learning and development programs through Safran University.


Safran Engineering Services - Gloucester

The Engineering partner for the Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and Rail industries.

With 3,000 engineers and technicians worldwide, Safran Engineering Services provide added-value engineering services to the aerospace and ground transport industries. They share expertise and project management support in domains like electrical systems, aerostructures, software and systems engineering.


Safran Landing Systems - Gloucester

The world leader in aircraft landing and braking systems.

Safran Landing Systems equip the commercial, regional, business and military fleets of more than 25 key airframers. Its expertise covers the entire life cycle of landing system products, from design and manufacturing, through to to maintenance and repair.


Safran Electrical Components - Slough

A leader in electrical protection components.

Safran Electrical Components are a subsidiary of Safran Electrical & Power, specialising in electrical components. They are the world leader in harsh environment harnesses for landing gear and U.S. military applications.


Safran Helicopter Engines - Fareham

The world’s leading manufacturer of helicopter engines.

Safran Helicopter Engines is the world’s leading manufacturer of rotorcraft turbines, and the only exclusively dedicated organisation in this market. Operating worldwide, they employ more than 5,900 people with 2,500 customers across 155 countries, and 22,000 engines in service.


Safran Electrical and Power - Pitstone

Smarter electrical solutions for a better flight.

Safran Electrical & Power is one of the world's leaders in aircraft electrical systems. They are a key player in equipment electrification, and in the electric and hybrid propulsion sector. Mastering the on-board energy system, the company designs and provides modular, innovative and optimized architectures and solutions.


Safran Nacelles - Burnley

A worldwide leader in aircraft engine nacelles and services.

Safran Nacelles products and services equip all aircraft types: regional, business, short, medium, and long-range commercial aircraft. Their expertise covers nacelle design, manufacturing, integration, maintenance and services.


Safran Seats - Cwmbran, Newport & Brackley

In the UK, Safran Seats specialises in the First Class and Business Class seating markets for wide body aircrafts, with industrial and engineering teams in Cwmbran and Newport, Wales and Brackley, England. They offer end to end solutions, from business development and product co-creation with customers, through to design, engineering, industrialisation, manufacturing and in-service support


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