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Contractor careers_ how to start a new project with a bang

Contractor careers: how to start a new project with a bang

Gearing up for day one of a new project? Set yourself up for success from the start with our top tips on impressing a new client. 

You’ve been offered the contract, and it’s time for your first day on a new, exciting project. 

While starting a new role offers a chance to broaden your horizons and develop your skills, it can be challenging to navigate working with a new business for the first time. 

Luckily, there are a few simple ways you can get your project off to a great start. Let’s dive in. 

1. Solidify expectations

Most workplace issues boil down to one thing - a difference in expectations. In fact, 86% of corporate executives believe the underlying reason for workplace failure is poor communication. 

Set yourself up for success by establishing exactly what your new workplace expects from you, and when. 

Ask questions to ascertain the goal of a given project or task, the timeline, and the desired results. 

Finding out which metrics the client will use to determine if your project has been a success is a great way to solidify your goals and help you measure your progress. 

Doing adequate research on the company beforehand is also a must. Find out about the dress code, working style, and team structure to get an idea of how your role fits into it. 

2. Define your needs

It’s not only employers who have expectations of employees - it works both ways. 

In order to hit the ground running from day one, communicate with your new workplace exactly what you need to make the project a success, whether that’s data, collaboration with other colleagues, or access to resources. 

The sooner you set out what you need to effectively complete the project, the sooner you can start producing results. Plus, the less time you’ll spend going back and forth with requests. 

3. Get to know the team

As a contractor, you’ll likely need to collaborate with multiple members of the team to make your project a success. 

Instead of waiting until questions arise to find out who can help you answer them, find time during your first few days to get to know each member of the team and understand how your jobs will cross paths. 

That way, you’ll save yourself from hours of being passed around from colleague to colleague when you need a timely response. 

4. Build connections

When you work on a project-by-project basis, having a strong professional network is key. 

You never know when the connections you make at a new workplace might come in handy, and you may want to work with the employer again in the future. 

By being enjoyable and easy to work with, as well as meeting those all-important deliverables, you’ll establish a reputation for excellence that may help you line up opportunities in the future.

Whatever your new project involves, remember that most of the associated challenges can be easily overcome by setting out clear goals, building connections with the team, and being clear about your needs from the start.


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