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How to Make Yourself Irresistible to Contractors

How to Make Yourself Irresistible to Contractors - 4 Proven Tips

Hiring contractors comes with lots of benefits.

Here’s how to attract top contracting talent to your organisation.

With the UK facing a STEM skills shortage, it’s never been more important to make your workplace an attractive prospect for contractors in the sector.  

Companies are realising the benefits that come with hiring contractors with specialist knowledge and expertise, so the competition to attract the top talent is high.

The good news is there are a few simple ways you can make your organisation irresistible to the most talented contractors in the game. Let’s dive in. 

1. Make your assignment stand out

The first contact a candidate will have with your organisation is likely to be the job advert. Take this as an opportunity to stand out from the competition by ditching the dull bullet points and making your description more interesting.

Emphasise the project they’ll be joining, the impact it will have and what’s in it for the contractor - both during their time at your company and for their future career. Since contractors hop from project to project, they’re always considering how a given role will help their career going forward. If the project is contributing to a positive cause such as the environment and sustainability, even better.

If possible, include testimonials from previous contractors to act as a form of social proof and help increase trust in your organisation. 

2. Make sure your rates are competitive

When you work with a contractor, you’re working with a specialist who’s built their expertise from years of experience working on diverse projects. Do this in-depth experience justice by offering a competitive rate that’s either in line with the market or higher. 

Candidates are switching off from job roles that don’t post the salary, so be transparent about the rate upfront, or at least provide a ballpark figure. 

3. Take the right approach to IR35

Some of the best contractors only work outside of IR35, so being open to working practices that allow for these assignments will help you stand out from the group. 

By adding ‘right of substitution’ into your contracts and taking a hands-off approach to contractors that work with you (i.e allowing them to manage how and when they deliver the work), you’ll clean up top talent from across the entire pool. 

4. Offer flexible working options

If there’s one thing in particular that contractors value about their style of work, it’s flexibility. 

You can attract top talent by offering flexibility in both your location and working hours. Many contractors in the technical sector enjoy working remotely where possible, so offering working-from-home options gives you an edge over competitors. 

Offering flexible hours, too, is a great way not only to make your organisation more attractive to contractors, but also to be more inclusive to those with caring responsibilities. 

5. An expert approach to attracting talent

When it comes to attracting top-tier talent, working with a recruitment firm that specialises in recruiting contractors can be the silver bullet for your hiring strategy. 

Recruiters are experts in their field, and they’ll work with you to ensure that not only is your workplace primed to work with contractors, but that you attract (and hire) the best in the business.  

Making assignments with your company as enjoyable as possible is also key to hiring the best. By creating a positive experience for contractors who work with you, you’ll develop a positive reputation and be more likely to hire contractors again when you need them for future projects.


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