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Matchtech and Touchstone Rail: A Strategic Partnership for Rail Industry Excellence

In 2022, Touchstone Rail and MatchTech embarked on an exciting journey by entering into a joint venture agreement, setting the stage for a transformative partnership that brings together unparalleled expertise in rail industry recruitment and talent management. This collaboration aims to provide clients with unprecedented access to a vast talent pool comprising industry-leading professionals, ensuring the successful execution of even the most complex rail projects. 

The rail industry is renowned for its intricate and multifaceted nature, where projects demand an intricate blend of specialised skills and experience. Recognising these challenges, Matchtech and Touchstone Rail have united their strengths to offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the diverse needs of clients across the sector. 

Recruitment Services: Expertly Curated Talent Pool 

Under the partnership, Matchtech and Touchstone Rail have combined their deep industry insights with cutting-edge market trend analysis to offer clients a recruitment process that is second to none. Whether clients are seeking salaried or contract candidates, each individual is meticulously sourced, vetted, and supplied to precisely match the demands of the project. This ensures that the right skills, qualifications, and experience are seamlessly integrated into the client's remit, paving the way for project success. 

Bids and Tender Support: Elevating Technical Excellence  

One of the standout features of the Matchtech and Touchstone Rail partnership is their commitment to supporting clients during the critical phases of bids and tenders. The two entities bring their technical prowess to the table, acting as expert partners to enhance the overall expertise within client organisations. This support empowers clients with the knowledge and capabilities necessary to craft winning proposals and secure opportunities in a highly competitive environment. 

Onboarding and Sentinel Sponsorship: Streamlined Expertise 

Navigating the onboarding process within the rail industry can be a complex endeavour, requiring comprehensive vetting and competence assessments. Through the partnership, Matchtech and Touchstone Rail offer an innovative solution by providing a thorough two-year vetting and competence assessment for each individual. This meticulous process ensures that professionals not only meet the highest industry standards but also seamlessly integrate into their roles, making the onboarding journey swift and straightforward. 

A Shared Commitment to Excellence 

The partnership between Matchtech and Touchstone Rail is characterised by an unwavering commitment to excellence. Both entities share a common goal: to provide clients with access to the best and most suitable candidates who possess the skills and experience necessary for project success. As stated by the collaboration, "Our pledge is to ensure only the best and most appropriate candidates are nominated to our client base." 

In conclusion, the strategic partnership between Matchtech and Touchstone Rail marks a significant milestone in the rail industry, offering clients a unique blend of recruitment expertise, technical support, and streamlined onboarding processes. This collaboration is set to reshape the way rail projects are staffed and executed, ushering in a new era of innovation and excellence in the sector.