STEM graduates are a hot topic. This is why our graduate team are joining the conversation for the future of STEM graduates at the STEM and Us TargetJobs Breakfast Conference.

We know times are tough for new comers into the job market and we want to help. Matchtech already has a dedicated graduate team who like to promote fresh talent to our high profile clients; so we are very excited to attend this meeting.

The STEM and US meeting takes place tomorrow, Thursday 25th April, at 8am. We will be keeping you posted throughout the morning on our graduate Facebook and Twitter pages and encourage you to join in the debate and share your thoughts.

The topics that will be discussed include Recruiting from STEM subjects, FAQs about STEM graduates, CERN’s technology training and the Big Bang Theory.

Are you a STEM graduate? We already have these exciting graduate opportunities. Matchtech would like urge you to think about the future of engineering and science because it really is in your hands.

For instance, you probably already know about the Nuclear Industries aging workforce (you can find out more information about this here). Why not talk to our Nuclear department about their exclusive opportunities? Call our specialist Nuclear consultant, Ben Hough on 01489 898 974 or e-mail

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