Matchtech holds engineering outreach event at Boundary Oak school

Matchtech, together with The Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) team, has held an event to bring engineering to life at local school, Boundary Oak in Fareham.

As a specialist engineering recruitment company and one of the largest companies in the local area, Matchtech is passionate about inspiring more young people to choose a career in engineering and encouraging more to study STEM subjects in school.

The CUER team and their car ‘Resolution’ were the winners of the Matchtech 2014 Engineering Showcase Competition, which is designed to showcase the innovation and talent of UK engineers. As the winning team, Matchtech was delighted to invite CUER to be part of an Engineering Outreach event within the local community, in order to provide a platform for the young engineers to inspire young children, first-hand, to engage with and understand what engineering is all about.

Headteacher Paul Spencer said: “It has been a day of excitement and adventure for the children, giving them a chance to understand what engineering is really about. It’s been absolutely incredible, from the moment they first saw the car you had that gasp of excitement.

For the girls and the boys to see something real like this is wonderful, because not only is it tangible, it also looks to them very futuristic and exciting, and it is that excitement that we want to see.”

Matchtech Managing Director, Keith Lewis, said, “With a number of engineering projects planned for the future, there is a demand for engineers and we are facing a skills gap. One of the ways in which Matchtech aims to address this, is by engaging young children at an early age. Events such as today are the perfect way to demonstrate what can be achieved at University and promote the scope of what engineering involves. We hope to do more activities like this in the future.”

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