Matchtech staff volunteer for Give and Gain Day

On Friday 16th May 2014 over 13,000 volunteers across the UK got involved with Give and Gain Day, volunteering their time to help community groups, schools and local charities, all organised by Business in the Community.


Almost 190 companies gave up their time to help 400 community organisations, meaning that there was more than £1 million being invested on the day and Matchtech were proud to be a part of that as one of our 'Green Week' initiatives.

For Give & Gain Day, Matchtech staff went down to Southsea to help build a vegetable patch for Shelter Housing charity ‘You’. They helped to create a raised flower bed, so the charity and its residents can plant and grow some vegetables onsite. They also also assisted with planting and general maintenance of their land for the day, such as painting, tidying borders and fixing broken fence panels.

Stephen Howard, Chief Executive of Business in the Community said “Give & Gain Day is an opportunity for businesses, community organisations and schools to celebrate what can be achieved through the power of volunteers. Employee volunteering is a win-win, the experience builds skills and motivates employees, whilst helping meet community needs.”



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