Matchtech to unveil results of 2014 Confidence Index

Tomorrow we will be unveiling the results of the 2014 Matchtech Confidence Index at a roundtable event in London with a selection of industry experts.

The Confidence Index is an annual study, now in its third year, surveying how confident UK engineers are regarding a variety of different career related issues, including career progression, job security and salary. This years survey has received over 3,500 responses, helping to obtain a better understanding of exactly how our engineers see the current state of the industry.

This year’s Index will feature a discussion chaired by Dr Rhys Morgan, Director of Engineering and Education at the Royal Academy of Engineering and will be attended by some of the leading minds of the UK engineering industry. The discussion will focus on the key findings to come out of the Index this year, leading to a debate on the current state o the UK engineering industry. Findings and themes to be discussed at the roundtable this year include attracting and retaining talent, promoting diversity and the political party manifesto commitments to engineering. We’re also going to be discussing the developing trends we’re seeing emerge within different areas of engineering.

This years roundtable discussion will also focus on the UK's ageing workforce vs. securing the next generation of engineers as results this year reveal that only one in twenty (5%) believe there is no skills gap shortage in the UK.   This years results have also shown that 56% are confident that the UK will continue to be a global leader within engineering. This shows an increase on last years results which revealed that just 37% had confidence that the UK would be a world leader in engineering in the future.

The findings from the 2014 Confidence Index have been documented in our report which delegates at the roundtable will receive tomorrow. This will be published on our community site after the event along with a full breakdown of the findings per sector, we look foward to sharing them with you.

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