6 reasons why automotive engineers should work in slovakia

The automotive industry in Central Europe is entering an exciting phase of investment and growth, with Slovakia in particular seen as a ‘tiger economy’ thanks to its rise in living standards and continued popularity as a place to live and work.

The automotive sector has become a driving force of the Slovak economy over the last 20 years and has helped the country become one of the leading car producers in the world thanks to world-class car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Peugeot/Citroen and Kia choosing to locate large arms of their manufacturing operations here. Most recently, Jaguar Landrover (JLR) announced that their newest plant will be located near Nitra in Slovakia creating an anticipated 2,834 jobs by the end of 2020. Alongside this, educational institutions such as Slovak Technical University in Bratislava are researching and developing new vehicle technologies including biomass fuels and gearing optimisation in hybrid drive vehicles.

If you work in the automotive industry, and are within the 49% of engineers who would like to work abroad at some point in their career (Matchtech Voice of the Workforce report 2017), you might consider Slovakia as your destination of choice. Exciting projects and an abundance of opportunities for automotive engineers are just two reasons why Slovakia is a great choice. Here are six more reasons why Slovakia is a great place to live and work:


1. A life of leisure

Slovakia has a wealth of leisure opportunities to enjoy in winter and summer with football and ice hockey being the most popular activities for the locals. Basketball, tennis, cycling, golf and kayaking are also popular as is running which is gaining popularity amongst Slovaks with regular running events being arranged across the country.


Winter sports such as downhill and cross-country skiing are hugely popular in a country which boasts outstanding ski resorts in the Tatra Mountains. Slovakia also offers nature lovers beautiful hiking trails through stunning national parks where a variety of interesting wildlife can be seen.


2. The cultural life

Thanks to its position in Central Europe, Slovakia is rich in history from Celtic settlements and medieval mining towns, to German settlements and the remains of Roman fortifications. There is a lot to discover not just through historical sites but also with numerous theatres, galleries and museums. There is virtually something for everyone in Slovakia from stunning châteaux dotting the mountains and cities full of medieval buildings, forts, castles and bridges.


3. Breath taking scenery

Slovakia is rich in natural beauty with five national parks that are home to a variety of native wildlife and offer nature lovers stunning hiking trails venturing past quaint villages and limestone caves.


4. Low cost of living, high level of well being

The overall cost of living in Slovakia is lower than in West European countries like France and Germany, and is 36% lower than in the UK. The cost to rent property in Slovakia is 52% lower than in the UK and  local transportation is cheap and convenient. Employee benefits are comparable to other EU countries and include 20 days paid holiday, 10 public holidays, and generous maternity and paternity leave based on 70 per cent of the worker’s average daily salary.




5. Celebrations and festivals

Slovakia hosts a wealth of festivals throughout the year which the locals enjoy with great enthusiasm. In September, elaborate three day Coronation ceremonies are held complete with horseback riding processions, shooting demonstrations and actors taking the Kings oath on the spot where the first monarchs ascended the throne. In contrast, the 10 day long Bratislava beer festival Junifest, inspired by Oktoberfest, brings together 300 musical performances, games and goulash as well as singing competitions.


6. Travel and exploration

Not only does Slovakia offer incredible sights and culture to explore, it is relatively easy to do so being a small country with good travel links. It is also handily placed for exploring neighbouring states such as Hungary, Austria, Poland and Czech Republic.


To see what  contract and permanent automotive jobs are available in Central Europe, click here.

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