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Have you got an interview coming up to work on HS2? Are you looking to impress with your knowledge on the biggest rail project in the UK? Here you’ll find information to get in the know about the project.


What is HS2?

High Speed Two (HS2) will be the UK’s new high speed rail network. The 351 mile network will connect London to Birmingham and then provide links up to Manchester and Leeds, with the two routes expected to be complete in 2026 and 2033, respectively.

Succeeding HS1 (which connects London to the Channel Tunnel); it is the second high speed rail line in Britain, which is to be constructed in a ’Y’ configuration.

The first phase will link London to Birmingham, while phase two (the top of the ’Y’ shape) will be split into two sub-phases; phase 2a linking the West Midlands to Crewe and phase 2b linking Crewe to Manchester and the West Midlands to Leeds.

Considered one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe, working on HS2 is a career defining opportunity.

Work on phase one has already begun, and the planned completion date for the whole project is on track for 2033.


Top tips for getting a job on HS2

Every day our expert recruitment consultants are in touch with the people who make the hiring decisions on the project. Below they share some top tips on the ways to wow the employers behind HS2.



Employers are looking for exceptional engineers, so we also asked one of our clients, an Associate Director of a top engineering consultancy involved in HS2, what they look for in applicants and how you can impress in an interview.

“We look for good personable characters who can demonstrate they can get on with a range of people, from grads to Directors. Someone that knows their own limits and who knows when to ask for help is a good quality”.

“A candidate will impress in an interview if they display enthusiasm, knowledge of the firm, understanding of the market and appreciation of what the role is asking for.”

“Aside from that, a candidate will stand out if they can relate their experience to date with what the role requires. Swearing or a poor, negative attitude in the interview will harm their chances of securing the role.”

If you would like any more advice about applying for a HS2 job, don’t hesitate to contact our expert HS2 recruitment consultants.


Project facts

Take your knowledge of HS2 to a new level and set yourself apart from other engineers.


  • HS2 will consist of 351 miles of new track linking London to Birmingham and Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds.
  • Phase one is scheduled to complete in 2026 and phase two in 2033.
  • HS2 will treble the number of peak hour seats at Euston from 11,300 up to 34,900.
  • Compared with today’s capacity, ultimately HS2 will triple the seats available.
  • Up to 18 trains will run each hour in each direction carrying as many as 1,100 passengers.
  • HS2 will link eight of Britain’s 10 largest cities, serving one in five of the UK’s population.
  • The stations in Leeds, Sheffield, East Midlands and Birmingham will each be separated by a journey of less than 20 minutes.
  • HS2 will support over 100,000 jobs.
  • 70% of jobs created by HS2 are expected to be outside of London.
  • Once the second phase is finished, passengers will save an hour on their travel time on the following journeys; Manchester to London, Birmingham to Leeds and Edinburgh and Glasgow to London.


See more at’s High Speed Two webpage.

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