Renewable Energy is a hot topic, globally there is a huge appetite to find “green” ways of producing power so we are less reliant on Oil, Gas and fossil fuels. This year saw record electricity production from renewable sources in the UK: the National Grid recorded that wind generated enough electricity to power just over 25% of U.K. homes in 2014 — a 15 percent increase on 2013 records.

With such statistics featuring prominently in the news, naturally it attracts interest from the engineering community. The 2014 Confidence Index of 3,500 engineers found the renewables sector was the second most popular industry for those who were looking at a change of career from their present sector, which is fantastic news for our clients.

Statistics for renewables read very differently to other energy sectors: from our respondents it would appear that the current demographic is younger, more women responded (16% - the highest of all sectors) and only 1 in 4 (25%) thought the ageing workforce was the greatest issue facing their industry – again the lowest of all sectors. This sector seems to be forward facing, attracting a younger demographic and is more positive about its future economic prospects than others.

Furthermore, the industry is set to benefit from the EU’s new £250bn three-year investment plan, (announced by the European Commission last November) which will see funds allocated to renewable energy projects.   With the potential for this to increase interest private investment in energy efficiency, this could lead to rapid progress in this sector, making the Renewable market a very attractive long term option for young apprentices and graduates.

The Confidence Index report provides valuable insight into current perceptions held by engineers and how the energy sector compares to the overall engineering industry.




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