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Gattaca, ‘Most Inspiring Recruitment Company Transformation’ Award Nominee!

Gattaca has been shortlisted in the Recruiter Investing in Talent Awards 2022 for the ‘Most Inspiring Recruitment Company Transformation’ award. 

We are thrilled to announce that Gattaca has been shortlisted for the ‘Most Inspiring Recruitment Company Transformation’ award. This award recognises a company that has successfully recruited, retained, and developed motivated, productive, and diverse employees through training and learning, rewarding employee compensation and benefits, career and professional development, and a positive work culture that emphasises inclusion, promotes social responsibility, values staff health and wellbeing, and provides excellent service to clients and candidates. 

Over the past 18 months, we’ve been building a high-performing culture, united around a clear, shared understanding of who we are, what we are aiming for, how we want to operate and the values and behaviours we want to live by. The reason for this is people – employees, candidates and clients, are the core of our business, and we want to ensure they can work in an environment, and with a business, focused on them. Meaningful investment in talent goes beyond rewards, perks, and benefits; it is about creating a work environment where people feel connected, feel a sense of belonging, feel a sense of teamwork, and are ultimately proud of what they do and with who they work with. 

We carefully crafted a new PVMV built with client and colleague feedback, market data and independent consultancy support. Our new PVMV was tied to our history and identity but also, crucially, aspirational, as they would continue to define our ongoing transformation. Through this foundation, we are significantly increasing engagement, retention and performance all resulting in a better service for our clients and candidates, and positively impacting our communities, through the likes of our ED&I and ESG programmes. 

Our CEO, Matthew Wragg, had this to say about our nomination,

“Receiving recognition for our hard work means that the foundation we have built to invest in talent is reaping the rewards.  In essence, being nominated for this award is due to our staff, clients and partners who have worked effortlessly to improve our attraction and retention solutions. They deserve this recognition for being a part of a highly motivated, engaged business, that’s set up for new success.” 

The Recruiter Investing in Talent Awards aims to give recognition to UK and international recruitment agencies, recruitment process outsourcing organisations and individual recruiters and recruitment agency employees. The awards seeks to identify organisations that exhibit outstanding performance in their business relationships and partnerships, judging them according to various criteria including effectiveness, duty of care, impact, transparency, and return on investment. 

The Recruiter Investing in Talent Awards will be presented at a gala dinner on Tuesday 31st January 2023 at The Brewery in London.