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Our Technical Public Sector Team Plants 1,200 Trees at Pleasley Pit Country Park

Here at Matchtech, our Highways, Transportation and Planning Public Sector team is committed to giving back to the community and ensuring they are socially responsible in the way that they work. Being in the industry of STEM, the aim is to make the world a better place through innovation and technology, ensuring we do so sustainably – and so, the team has made the following pledge: 

“For every placement we make…we will plant a tree!” 


  • Each time we help a candidate get back into work…we will plant a tree! 
  • Every time a client has a tricky job that needs filling…we will plant a tree! 
  • Every time we find that perfect candidate or perfect job for you…we will plant a tree! 

We all know the benefits of planting trees are endless. Trees reduce carbon, release oxygen, absorb water, prevent flooding, provide shade, prevent soil erosion, encourage wildlife, improve climate change, etc. and trees have even been proven to reduce your stress levels! 

Social value is very important to us, and we believe it’s just as important to our customers and candidates – working together will help make a difference. One small step at a time. 

Following through on their pledge, on Wednesday, 7 December 2022, we saw the Technical Public Sector team plant 1,200 trees at Pleasley Pit Country Park in Derbyshire. Pleasley Pit itself closed in 1983 and is now a reclaimed colliery site and local nature reserve. It's a great place for many different birds, wildflowers, and insects to thrive in. The new trees we planted, include Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Guelder Rose and Wild Cherry – they will provide good food, cover, and nesting areas for birds and all other wildlife. 

Department Manager, Sam White, says “It was a pleasure working with Derbyshire County Council and really pleasing to hear they are looking to plant over 1 million trees between now and 2030. It was a great team effort with everyone planting over 120+ trees each…although it was hard work it was very rewarding to know we have given back to the community”. 

Technical Public Sector Team:  

  • Sam White 
  • Adam Good  
  • Mike Carter 
  • Lewis Harrison 
  • Callum Laycock 
  • Ben Ward-Prowse 
  • Mike Ponsford 
  • Arty Kerton 
  • Charlie Bell.  
  • Brad Taylor 
  • Georgia Grant 

There are currently 1.2 million vacancies live in the UK today – that’s a lot of trees! 

The Technical Public Sector team specialise in placing technical candidates (both contract or perm jobs) with highways, transportation, planning and building control skill sets to our public sector clients.