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Ethics of Ethnicity Webinar

Gattaca Solutions & AFBE-UK HR Forum

Focusing on the Ethics of Ethnicity

Join us for the Gattaca Solutions & AFBE-UK HR Forum

We are excited to extend an invitation to you for an upcoming event that promises to be both insightful and impactful. Gattaca Solutions, in collaboration with AFBE-UK, is hosting an HR Forum centered around the theme of Ethics of Ethnicity, and we believe your participation can contribute significantly to the session.

Participating in this event is an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Here are some reasons why you should join us:


  • - Enhance your understanding of diversity and inclusion.
  • - Gain insights into addressing present-day disparities.
  • - Learn how to be an effective ally in promoting equity.
  • - Contribute to a more inclusive workplace and society.
  • - Network and engage with colleagues who share your commitment to diversity.

Event Details

Date: 27 September 2023

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: Virtual


Speaker Spotlight

Prepare to be inspired and informed by our distinguished guest speaker, Dr. Ollie Folayan, AFBE-UK Co-founder, who will enrich your knowledge and understand about Diversity & Inclusion. 

Dr. Ollie Folayan

In this session, Dr. Ollie Folayan, a distinguished figure in the field of engineering and a champion of diversity and inclusion, will provide a comprehensive overview of the Diversity and Inclusion landscape. He will shed light on the pivotal role of race and ethnicity within this landscape, delving into the historical context of racism. Dr. Folayan will also share insights into disparities within the engineering sector and offer valuable tips on becoming an ally of Ethnic Diversity. Furthermore, he will outline actionable steps that Gattaca and our supporting communities can take to foster equity and inclusivity.

Dr Ollie