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Mindful Matters: Unpacking Mental Health Stigmas

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We acknowledge the sobering statistics: nearly one in five engineers has tragically lost a colleague to suicide, and over a fifth have grappled with taking time off due to mental health concerns. Particularly, 'invisible' disabilities pose unique challenges when it comes to seeking support in the workplace. It's crucial to recognise that depression has risen to become the leading global cause of ill health and disability.

We hope to confront the stigma that engineers encounter when seeking the help they need, and to foster a culture of open dialogue within our community, encouraging individuals to share their personal experiences.

Event Details

Date: 21 November
Time: 12 PM – 1:30 PM
Location: Online/Virtual

Meet Our Speaker

Prepare to be inspired and informed by our distinguished guest speaker, Andy Bishop 

Andy Bishop

Andy Bishop

An ambassador for the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity. Andy will share his personal journey and experiences, emphasising the importance of continuous dialogue surrounding mental health. His insights will be invaluable in our quest to foster a supportive and understanding environment within the engineering community.