The new skills automotive companies are seeking from engineers

A revolution is taking place in the automotive industry and as a result, the skills employers are looking for in engineers are evolving. In an article on The Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover Chief Engineer Joerg Schlinkheider, Bosch Head of Mobility Solutions Arun Srinivasan and our very own Director of Engineering Technology Tim Carling share their thoughts on the change happening in the industry.

Barely a day goes by without some mention of automated vehicles and electric cars in the news, as automotive manufacturers move away from the production of petrol and diesel powered cars and towards connected vehicles that are powered by electric battery systems. And of course, competition is high between manufacturers which are racing to design and create a next generation vehicle for the consumer market. On a national scale, the UK government is also competing against environmental targets to reduce pollution levels and against international automotive industries, to make the country a world leader in autonomous vehicle technology.

To meet these targets, the automotive industry is now relying on a new set of engineering and IT skills, as Tim Carling explains:

“We’re seeing a change in demand. Traditionally, we’ve supplied software and hardware engineers for body electronics, powertrain and infotainment. In the past two or three years there’s been a significant move to application software and AI skills, and an increase in demand for radar, lidar and communications specialists.”

And the shift to hybrid and electric powertrains is fuelling demand for power electronics specialists.

Automotive employers are now more open-minded about the experience of the people they hire. Tim explains further:

“Now there are opportunities for those who’ve worked outside the sector. People are coming in from communications, and other safety-critical areas such as rail and aerospace. There’s a lot of crossover. It’s a bright outlook: a vacancy-heavy, skills-short market.”

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You can read more about the automotive skills shift on The Engineer.

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