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Why you should learn Salesforce skills

Salesforce, the Customer Success Platform and world's #1 CRM, is quoted as enabling 1.9 million new jobs and is expected to generate $359 billion in new revenue over the next five years in a recent IDC white paper. From Developers to Project Managers, Salesforce has emerged as one of the hottest skills for IT and business professionals to possess and is increasingly sought after by employers across various sectors. Indeed, it could be said that to land a better IT job, you should learn a Salesforce skill and add it to your resume/CV.

But what specific Salesforce job titles and skill sets are in high demand? What salaries can professionals with Salesforce skills demand? And what particular Salesforce certifications should you choose to boost your career prospects?

The job titles and skills in high demand

Developers, Salesforce Solution Architects, Salesforce Technical Architects and Project Managers are the skills most in demand within the Salesforce ecosystem.

According to Burning Glass research, Salesforce is now the 7th most in-demand software skill ahead of IT skills such as Python, .Net, and C++. Development skills such as Integration Architecture, Visualforce, Apex Code, and Heroku are particularly in high demand.

Salesforce is also a complementary skill alongside other IT skills that require a heavy amount of programming including SQL, Java, Oracle and JavaScript. According to Burning Glass research the demand for Salesforce Developers has tripled.

The Salesforce job titles which receive the highest pay

Salesforce skills carry a significant salary premium and jobs that request these skills pay more than £60,000 per year on average. However, the highest salaries are enjoyed by Salesforce Developers and Salesforce Architects who can expect to earn up to £70,000 and £120,000 respectively. The demand for Salesforce skills is not exclusive to the UK. According to Burning Glass research, in the US Salesforce Developers can earn $102,000 while Salesforce Architects salaries can reach up to $124,000 per annum.

How to build a career in Salesforce

Although experience is something that many companies require, in the first place having the training with Salesforce skills is essential. A good thing about Salesforce roles is that they don’t require an IT degree to build a career with the system. Many technology professionals who have experience working with legacy CRM tools like Siebel or MS Dynamics will find that adding a Salesforce skill will enhance their salary as they can then work on more modern Salesforce systems. In fact, some companies are now upskilling these people with Salesforce skills as a way of getting the right skills into their business.

There are many Salesforce certifications such as Administrator & Advanced Administrator, Platform App Developer, Salesforce CTA (Technical Architect) and Salesforce Service/Sales Cloud Consultant that prove you possess the knowledge to specialise in a Salesforce job role. There are also many training providers or blogs such as that offer advice on courses such as Administration, Declarative Development and Programmatic Development using Apex and Visualforce that can really add value to your CV.

As workers and employers consider their career paths over the coming decade, Salesforce provides the opportunity to grow into high-paying and high-growth jobs.

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